We understand the importance of secure and efficient online payment service. Our solutions are reliable, fast and secure and are designed to meet the needs of any business.  
SecurePay enables merchants to sell products securely on the internet with minimal integration effort. Merchants do not need to ensure secure storage of card information since all card data is handled on SecurePay. 
B-Gateway is a crucial part of the online payment processing value chain. B-Gateway allows merchants to obtain authorizations for card transactions and submit transactions for clearing and settlement. 


Our solutions are easy to implement and simple to manage


Over 140 processing currencies and settlement in 14


You can rely on us all day, every day



SecurePay is a simple and easily integrated payment solution for small businesses. The payment page enables merchants to process online transactions securely with minimal integration. Credit card data is securely handled by us. SecurePay supports iFrame solutions as well as redirecting the card holder from the merchant’s website to our hosted website.  More

Redirection - Cardholders are redirected from the merchant’s website to our hosted payment page to enter their payment details and finish the transaction process.

iFrame - Our SecurePay iFrame solution allows merchants to load or embed an off-site secure payment page within a frame on their website. From the cardholder's point of view the entire transaction is completed on the merchant's own website.



SecurePay supports 3D Secure transactions, both MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa.


  • Easy integration
  • Merchant access to B-Online web portal
  • We handle all card data
  • All transactions are encrypted on our secure platform
  • Multiple currencies



B-Gateway is our secure online payment gateway that is a crucial part of the online payment processing, allowing merchants to acquire authorizations for credit card transactions and to submit them for clearing and settlement.
B-Gateway is an Application Programming Interface (API), which is a comprehensive payment processing software for merchants and partners that require sophisticated payment solutions.  More

B-Gateway gives merchants and partners complete control over their online card processing and allows them to build transaction processing applications that can process payments from their websites. 
We offer a variety of web services that enable merchants to download settlement, fraud, disputes and transaction data to their own systems (XML/CSV).


  •  Direct connection
  •  Web Services API
  •  HTTPS
  •   Streamlined interface, easy integration


Pay-by-link is a simple and ideal solution for merchants that use customized shopping carts. The merchant selects products and/or services in a shopping cart, creates a pay-by-link using B-Online, then sends it to the customer who is transferred to our secure payment page to make a payment. Streamlined processing for merchants.


Virtual terminal - Web POS

Virtual terminal - Web POS

Same efficiency as a regular POS. Quick and easy to access and no technical setup required. Ideal for viewing transactions, transactions’ details, making refunds, capturing and cancelling transactions.


More eCommerce products

One-Time Payments

eCommerce transactions where the customer buys a product or service and pays for it fully in one transaction


Recurring transactions are a convenient way for merchants to collect subscriptions or instalments from their customers. 

Gambling Payouts

Gambling Payouts are available for licensed gambling merchants. This service allows merchants to pay out winnings to cardholders. 

Dynamic Descriptor

This service gives the merchant the ability to modify the doing business as (descriptor) statement on a per-transaction basis. 

Multi Currency

Multi Currency – Process in one currency and settle in another. 



Borgun sends payment instructions for a SWIFT payment to a bank account owned by the merchant. Generally merchants receive their funds two business days after Borgun initiates payment.



Disputes are an unavoidable part of eCommerce transactions. Our goal is the same as yours, to make them as few as possible. We provide merchants with an efficient chargeback management service and with our streamlined internal dispute process, our track record of successful disputes handling in cooperation with merchants is excellent.    More

B-Online is great tool for merchants to manage disputes, enabling them to review all required information about transactions and settlements, along with fraud reports and chargebacks.

3D Secure

3D Secure

3D Secure is an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. We offer 3D Secure payment solutions for both Visa and MasterCard. We encourage all of our merchants to use 3D Secure for additional protection from chargebacks and frauds. In order for 3D Secure payments to be possible, Merchant Plug-In (MPI) software is required. We can support partners that use their own MPI or provide them with our own MPI if needed.