Card Present

We offer Card Present services for businesses that engage in either face-to-face transactions or operate in a cardholder-activated terminal environment. We offer tailored solutions that fit your business needs and objectives.

Know how

We provide payment solutions for wide range of industries. We have the expertise and knowledge you need to draw upon.

Clear and concise

We know your time is valuable. Our solutions provide you with clear and concise real time data, accessible anytime, anywhere.


In a rapidly changing business environment, time is of the essence. We are flexible with short communication lines. 

POS Terminals

POS Terminals

We work with partners all over Europe and offer a wide variety of POS terminals. Find the right card machine for your business  More

Terminals available for the EU market

  • Verifone Vx820 IP terminal
  • Verifone Vx680  GPRS terminal with Vodafone SIM Card
  • Handpoint HiLite 
  • Handpoint HiBrid
  • Handpoint HiPro

Terminals available for the UK market

  • Spire SPw70 GPRS
  • Spire SPw60 Wi-Fi
  • Spire SPc50 Countertop
  • Spire SPp10 PIN-pad

Terminals available for the HU and CZ markets

  • Ingenico iCT220 Dual Com Terminal 
  • Ingenico iwl221 GPRS


Contact service representatives for further information and custom made payment solutions



Borgun uses National Settlements for domestic currencies in Hungary, the Czech Republic and the UK. Payments are made from Borgun´s accounts in each country to the merchant’s bank account. The merchants receive their funds the same day Borgun initiates the payment.